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TOTEM’s infectious pop tunes first surfaced on SoundCloud in 2013 — at the time he was keeping it on the down-lo by remaining anonymous. His earlier bedroom produced tracks showcased a personal and down-to-earth side of the singer-songwriter which ultimately struck a chord with fans.

Growing up he listened to a wide span of music including The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, ABBA, The Carpenters along with 90s Pop and R&B music, which served as an early musical compass. Inspired by his first CDs, Oasis’ “What’s the Story, Morning Glory,” Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous,” and Boyz II Men’s “II”, music became his ultimate fascination. It’s evident that TOTEM has an ear for making hits as his tracks are catchy with simple yet memorable lyrics.

TOTEM’s three EPs; Pride, Echoes and Picture Perfect and a number of breakout singles including Addicted, Bubblegum, and Aftertaste, have showcased his evolution, transforming into an indie-pop powerhouse, earning rave reviews from Billboard, the Fader and TIME, among others.

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