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Will Stratton is a contemporary folk musician whom embodies the practice of introspection over celebration. Often focusing inwardly, asking questions about himself, and telling his story through thinking aloud, Will’s lyrics truly hit home and resonate with what it truly means to be human.

While being labeled a Folk artist, his lyrics share more in common with artists like Robert Johnson, and less so than with artists who find themselves under the modern “Pop-Folk” umbrella. Taking inspiration from artists such as William Tyler, Sufjan Stevens, and Kaki Kling, it’s clear that Stratton is in good company when it comes to his guitar skills. His lyricism compliments his musical composition and incredible ability with the 6-stringed instrument perfectly; striking a constant balance of moderation and flair all at the same time.

After significant personal trials and inspiring determination, Will Stratton’s music sounds stronger than ever. He has been releasing his compositions to the world since 2007, with 7 albums under his belt and thankfully, shows no signs of slowing down.

If you’re a fan of the Fleet Foxes, Andrew Bird, or Sufjan Stevens, you will certainly find yourself at home with Will Stratton.